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Welcome to Ganapati Driving School

It takes 8,460 bolts to assemble an automobile, and one nut to scatter it all over the road. A tree never hits an automobile except in self defense. So you know how important it's to learn Driving to be safe for yourself and for others as well.

Ganapati Driving School one of the leading driving school in Cuttack offering rewarding driving education for experienced and new drivers. On road drivers should have greater control on their vehicle and find ways to evade careless driving. It is very difficult to judge and predict accidents on road, but things can be avoided by getting yourself enrolled in a qualified education academy. If you desire to prevent road accidents and other incidents, you should get yourself trained from a driving expert. Get ready to learn methods to tackle possible situation that might occur on the roads. A qualified driver never forgets to verify vehicle gas level, fuel, water and tire. Checking the position of mirror and light visibility is crucial. It is crucial to carry all vehicle documents and driving license while driving. Ganapati Driving School offers defensive driving training and methods to evade road rage. One thing is to keep in mind that to keep yourself cool and while driving use bright colored car. Driving bright color car is beneficial, as it is visible from distance. While driving at night always use headlight and be careful to follow driving rules and regulations. A good driving school educates driver with all driving rules.







Upcoming Events

August 15
Indipendence Day Celebration

We invite all our students to observe Independece Day with us, in our office premises.


  • Ganapati driving school is the undoubtly the best driving training school in Cuttack. The trainers are really friendly and answer all questions very nicely.
    Mr. Bijaya Mishra.

  • I don't know much about any other driving schools in Cuttack, but I can confidently say that, they would not be as good as Ganapati Driving School.
    Dr. Abhisekh Das.

  • I found that, instructers and Principal himself is very nice gentlemen. That's why I let my daughter to learn driving from Ganapati Driving School.
    Er. Manmohan Panda.