About Us

The institue was founded by Lt Shri Chakradhar Sahu on 8th June 2002 with an objective to create efficient drivers, those who follow and respect traffic rules. Driving a vehicle does not always mean to handle the steering and brakes, an efficient driver must follow traffic rules, and gives utmost importance to safety while driving. They must keep in mind that, other people should not get into trouble because of them. So our misson is to create awareness among the drivers, to follow all sorts of traffic laws, proper use of traffic signals, follow the traffic signs while driving.

After the untimely dismay of our beloved founder, his son Mr. Arabinda Sahu took his father's place & lead the organization to his highest standards. After 12 years of legacy in providing driving training, GANAPATI DRIVING & MECHANICAL TRAINING INSTITUTE is the #1 driving institute in Cuttack city. We also have a branch in state capital Bhubaneswar.

Our classes includes both On Road and Classroom sessions. Our on road classes are 1:1 basis. We provide them with best instructers, who have years of expertise on road. Our instructers provides on road and phycological assitance to the students, so they can overcome their fear and drive easily.

Why Ganapati Driving & Mechanical Training Institute?



People Behind GDMTI

Lt Shri Chakradhar Sahu

Founder of the Institute

Mr Arabinda Sahu

Principal, Administrative and Acconts Manager


  • Ganapati driving school is the undoubtly the best driving training school in Cuttack. The trainers are really friendly and answer all questions very nicely.
    Mr. Bijaya Mishra.

  • I don't know much about any other driving schools in Cuttack, but I can confidently say that, they would not be as good as Ganapati Driving School.
    Dr. Abhisekh Das.

  • I found that, instructers and Principal himself is very nice gentlemen. That's why I let my daughter to learn driving from Ganapati Driving School.
    Er. Manmohan Panda.