Taking an admission in Ganapati Driving and Mechanical Training Institute is the most easiest and pain less processdure. We are always here to help you with your admission. At the moment, we only take admission only in our office. Our office is open from 10AM in the morning to 8PM in the evening. So you can even visit us after your office hours or college hours. The best thing about Ganapati Driving School is that we provide you with a free counselling.

Our counsellers will help you choose a program that will suit your requirement the best. Apart from that, we also have a facility to upgrade your program in case you need additional help learning driving properly. We can assure you that, after completing our 3 weeks program you would be a complete driver. In case you need few extra classes to set your hands properly. Don't worry, there is an option to upgrade your program to 4 weeks with a minimal fee. You can also opt for the 4 weeks program from the begining or you can upgrade to 4 weeks program at the end of 3 weeks program.

Another good news of you is that, our timing is entirely flexible as per your time. You can choose anytime between 6AM in the morning to 6PM in the evening. To strengthn your driving skills and increase your confidence, we'll expertise you with all difficult driving situations. We can guarantee that, your time with Ganapati Driving School will be a happier memory for you.

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