Ganapati Driving & Mechnical Training Institute is an ace driving institute in twin city of Odisha. Every year about 800+ students pass from our institute as efficient drivers. Many students have their own 4 wheelers and they come to us, just to learn how to drive their own car. But we also have a large number of students who learns driving to make it a profession in their career.

Here in Ganapati Driving School, we give extra importance to the students who wants to make a living in this profession. With regorous training sessions in Practical field as well as theory room, we make them most efficient drivers to rule the road. We give them all sorts of phycological help to over come all the fear they might have. We give them more amount On-Road sessions, long drive sessions, difficult road conditions sessions etc to strengthn their driving skills.

Our objective to help such students is to hire them with such people, who are looking for efficient drivers for their own vehicles. So if you need a driver for your own car, you can consult with us and we'll help you get you a proper driver for you 4 wheeler. We also provide support corporate organizations, to recruit professional drivers for their business purpose.

We can avail you drivers on Full Time or Part Time basis. Please contact our office to know more about our consultation services and fee structure for full time / part time driver recruitment.